How to meet the omnichannel challenge

According to Invesp’s “E-commerce Product Return Rate - Statistics and Trends”, 67% of e-consumers indicate that the ease of product return contributes to the quality of their online shopping experience. However, the return process is not always optimised by e-retailers, and especially by retailers with both a Marketplace and physical points of sales (what we call the omnichannel dimension).

This process is often perceived as too complex and too costly to implement, and not always profitable enough. All preconceived ideas that contribute to a poor omnichannel shopping experience.

What you will learn:

✔ Why the return management policy is a decisive buying criteria on Marketplaces

✔ How to use in-store returns as an opportunity to create additional turnover

✔ Discover the key to successful return management thanks to change management actions.

✔ Discover the Tsunami myth and how to address it.

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