What is your payment strategy?


For your B2B marketplace, finding THE right payment solution
is a major challenge, and a core differentiator.

And once you have a B2B payment solution integrated,
how do you ensure it 
increases your conversion rate?

Does it maximise your turnover?
And does it 
increase the loyalty of your sellers?

Book a meeting with Christophe, our advisor on B2B payments: 
take a moment to reflect on your payment strategy, and to get insights on the best practices from leading B2B marketplaces.

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Book a free consultation with Christophe, our advisor on B2B payments 

About Christophe Spoerry

Christophe Spoerry, Co-Founder @Marjory, payment advisor

Christophe has a deep experience in fintech, venture building and strategy. He has held senior leadership roles in global payment and trade finance organisations, in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. He likes to challenge the established consensus, and to come up with break-through innovations: some of the payment solutions he launched are used by world leading B2B platforms.

Within Marjory, Christophe takes care of strategic alliances. He frequently advises our enterprise clients and partners on their payment strategy and their long-term positioning within the marketplace ecosystem: unprecedented change are coming, with the rise of decentralised finance (DeFi) and data-driven models.

In case you missed it, we issued a Marjory Guide for Experts in January 2021, on the role of payments in the scale up of B2B marketplaces.
Get the report here...

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