How did Electro Depot launch its Marketplace in less than 4 months?

Electro Depot trusted Marjory to launch its Marketplace for refurbished products, part of the expansion of its digital offering.

4 challenges to overcome

To launch a Marketplace in less than 4 months.

To bring repairers who are not used to e-commerce to a digital platform.

To meet the specific requirements of refurbished products.

To create an agile and scalable technical base.

Tools to do more with less


Thanks to Marjory, Electro Depot launched its Reconomia Marketplace in just 4 months. The expertise of Marjory's consultants and its technology allowed the company to execute its business vision while freeing it from technical constraints.

For Reconomia, Marjory's teams relied on several tools:

The Expertise Library

The Marketplace library of expertise and best practices, with its 25 key functional processes, was used as a basis for the project.

The interconnection of services

Marjory's partner services are already interconnected to make it possible to assemble, in record time, the different building blocks of a Marketplace project: the front-end (Prestashop), the back-end (Webkul) and the PSP (Stripe).

Process automation

The key processes of the Marketplace Project, such as seller onboarding, KYC management, customer and seller payments and refunds, were custom-built. This has allowed Reconomia to free up operational workload and focus on creating value for the repairer and the customer.


Thanks to Marjory technology, we were able to reduce the scoping and build phases of our project to build a Marketplace that's 100% adapted to the constraints of the refurbished economy!

Jérôme Vigneron, General Director @Reconomia

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